UCR Staff Assembly Halloween Costume Contest

Wed, 10/23/2019 - 12:00
UCR Staff Assembly
October 23, 2019

UCR Staff Assembly invites all UCR staff to participate in our annual Halloween costume contest! The contest is open Oct. 7 to Nov. 1.

Please email your photos to staffassembly@ucr.edu. Prizes may include pizza lunch, ice cream, personal training, and a massage. Winners will be announced at the fall meeting on Nov. 7 at noon in HUB 302.

We ask that all costume choices reflect cultural sensitivity by recognizing that costuming based on simplistic ethnic, racial, gender, religious, disability and other hurtful stereotypes disrespects cultural identities by reducing them to caricature.

Full rules are available on the UCR Staff Assembly Facebook page and at http://atu.cr/ucrsahalloween.