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New Interim Policy and Travel Guidance

March 6, 2020
Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox and Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Thomas M. Smith
March 6, 2020

Dear Campus Community: 

The health and safety of UC Riverside faculty, staff, and students are of utmost importance. In light of the ongoing and increased concern regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the university is (1) instituting an interim policy governing university-related international travel and (2) providing updated guidance for all international and domestic travel.

1.    Interim Policy Governing University-Related International Travel

Effective immediately, the interim policy requires the following:
•    All university-related international travel must be registered with UC Away (also called the “UC International Travel Registry”). UC Away is the University of California’s portal to register university-related and personal travel. Registration enables the university to leverage benefits and protections in case an incident arises that requires medical care, evacuation, or other essential services.
•    All proposed travel to high-risk countries, including those with a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Warning Level 3 (widespread community transmission) or Level 2 (sustained community transmission), must be pre-approved in writing by the appropriate Vice Chancellor or Dean, prior to scheduling travel. This is consistent with the UC President Napolitano’s directive to avoid all non-essential travel to CDC Level 3 and 2 countries.
•    The interim policy will remain in place for six months, during which time campus feedback will be solicited. 

2.    Guidance for All International and Domestic Travel

For international travel:
•    The university discourages all international, non-essential travel for now; this includes both university-related and personal travel.  
•    If you are traveling for university-related business, please consider whether you can participate remotely (e.g., via online platforms or teleconference) or delay travel to a later date.
•    If you decide to travel outside of the United States, please be aware that the CDC may issue new international travel warnings without notice, potentially resulting in limited or delayed flights and possible quarantine upon re-entry.  
•    For personal travel, faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to register with UC Away.  
•    Please ensure that your family and friends are aware of your travel plans and how to reach you.

For domestic travel:
•    The university strongly recommends that all domestic travel be registered with UC Away; this includes both university-related and personal travel.  For university-related, domestic travel booked through UC Connexxus, trips are automatically registered with UC Away.  However, travel booked through other means (e.g., Expedia or directly through an airline’s website) will need to be manually registered with UC Away.
•    The university recommends limiting domestic, non-essential, university-related travel, if feasible.  For university-related business, please consider whether you can participate remotely (e.g., via online platforms or teleconference) or delay travel to a later date.

We ask that everyone remain informed about measures to prevent infection and regularly check the following website for the most up-to-date UCR information:  

All members of the UCR community can help limit the spread of infection by washing your hands frequently with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, containing coughs and sneezing into a tissue or sleeve, and staying home if you are sick, especially if you have a respiratory illness and fever.

Finally, thank you for your efforts to stay informed and help prevent infection. UCR prides itself on being a safe and inclusive environment, and we are proud of the calm and reasoned manner in which our community has addressed issues related to COVID-19.


Kim A. Wilcox

Thomas M. Smith
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor