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Update - Paid Administrative Leave Guidance & Tracking Paid Administrative Leave in TARS

March 18, 2020
Human Resources
March 18, 2020

Date:  March 18, 2020

Effective Date:  March 16, 2020

To:  Campus Community

Note: Guidance for academic personnel/academic employees will be issued separately. 


The University has modified the special paid administrative leave policies. The initial UCR COVID-19 Staff Guidelines were issued on March 12, 2019, but have been revised in accordance with the Executive Order issued by President Napolitano on March 16th. These new guidelines are attached and include the following key changes:

  1. A single allocation of up to 128 hours (16 days) vs. 112 hours (14 days)

    • Part-time employees receive paid leave based on their appointment percentage – i.e., 50% employee can receive up to 64 hours of paid administrative leave
  2. Must be used by 12/31/20
  3. Paid administrative leave can be used in hour increments, as well as full day increments, and does not need to be consecutive days.
  4. Given the campus closure there is no need to use other leave accruals before using the paid administrative leave provision


The UCR Time and Attendance system (TARS) has been modified to accept new take codes to accommodate the up to 16 days or 128 hours Paid Administrative Leave taken due to the COVID-19 issue. Previous guidance was to select the TARS “Administrative - Paid” take code for employees on their timesheets. We now determined that the current code was insufficient and did not meet all requirements, therefore a new code have since been modified to specifically address the COVID-19 16 days/128 hours paid administrative leave option granted by the university. The changes to TARS are listed below:

  • New Admin Codes for Biweekly and Monthly timesheets labeled “Administrative – Paid Special
  • The code is listed under the Sick Leave column for Monthly
  • The code is listed under the Sick Leave time/leave type dropdown for biweekly
  • The 16 day (128 hour) balance is reduced whenever there is an entry of one or more hours in one day

Employees should select this option for all days where administrative leave was taken per campus guidance.

Questions regarding the Paid Administrative Leave should be sent to

Questions or issues regarding TARS & Paid Administrative time entries should be sent to