Update to Graduate Students

April 1, 2020
Graduate Division
April 1, 2020


We understand that your academic year now looks quite different.   Your instruction has been moved online; departments have moved to a telecommunication model; and many administrative procedures, events, and workshops have been altered.  

We know that this transition is rough, and we know that it may be stressful, but we are committed to seeing you through this time. 

Despite all the changes, the academic mission of the campus continues and graduate education remains an important part of that mission. Your professors, your programs, and Grad Division are still here to support you in the face of these new developments.

GradDiv is still working.  If you have specific questions that cannot be answered by your department/program/PI or on the FAQ now on GradDiv’s web site please direct them to graddiv@ucr.edu    

Please know that you can contact us by telephone (all office numbers are now routed to staff members off-campus), E-mail, Zoom. 

Do also check in with Grad Success for news and events.  This news is available on Facebook www.facebook.com/UCRGradSuccess/ , Twitter  twitter.com/UCRGradSuccess ,   and also Instagram  www.instagram.com/ucrgradsuccess/    

Being a TA will be somewhat different this quarter. For those of you with TA appointments, resources to help you teach online may be found on the www.keepteaching.ucr.edu website.  Do also check in with the TADP website https://tadp.ucr.edu/resources/teaching-continuity as well as updates via Grad Success’ social media platforms.

As a reminder, under the contract, teaching assistants and readers are to work only a set number of hours depending on the percentage of appointment.  Many faculty will be teaching on line for the first time, and so may not have a clear idea of how much time particular tasks may take.  It may also be unclear just how much undergraduates may be reaching out to you given that the situation is new for them, too. Please keep the professor/instructor informed of the hours you are spending on tasks so that you can work together to ensure you don’t exceed the limit of your appointment.

Resources available to you

The library has worked hard to provide access to even more on-line sources than   before. See the library website for updates as on-line resources continue to expand  https://library.ucr.edu/using-the-library/covid-19

International students and scholars should regularly check the ISS web site https://international.ucr.edu/studentsandscholars  
Information on fees and dates will still be posted on the Registrar’s web site. 

For those of you working from home you will see many examples of advice that seem to share a series of suggestions on routines and ergonomics:


It is understandable to be worried at this time. Talk with your advisor about your worries. Also remember you do have access to help provided by the Counseling and Psychological Services https://counseling.ucr.edu 

Your program’s Graduate Advisor and Graduate Coordinator are still at work, too and are working to find ways to make sure you can continue to make some progress even though normal routines are disrupted.   Do be sure to watch for communications from them.  You can play your part by reaching out regularly and keep in touch with your professors and programs. 

Also remember your student colleagues and friends in the program and more broadly on campus through the Graduate Student Association (https://gsa.ucr.edu/ ).  You can provide support as much as find it by reaching out to them.  

This quarter will be a challenging one for all of us.

But we would not be at the University of California in the first place if we could not rise to a challenge.  
With best wishes for this new – and different – quarter.

Graduate Division Deans:

Cheryl Gerry, Assistant Dean and CFAO
Emma Wilson, Associate Dean
Ertem Tuncel, Associate Dean
Shaun Bowler, Dean