Return to Work Guide

June 29, 2020
Kim Wilcox (Chancellor) and Gerry Bomotti (Vice Chancellor and CFO)
June 29, 2020

Dear Campus Community,

As we’ve stated many times over the last few months, the health and safety of the entire UC Riverside community are our top priority, guiding each decision we make about campus operations. With this in mind, representatives from several working groups – with leadership by the Operations and Support Recovery group – prepared a detailed set of operating procedures to help each of us navigate safely once approved to return to work on campus. The information in the Return to Work Guide, which is available on the Campus Return website, will answer many questions about personal and shared responsibilities.

The below highlights are just a sampling of what you will find in this guide.

•    Personal protocols for health and wellness monitoring, face coverings, and social distancing

•    Location-based protocols for common spaces such as entrances, reception areas, restrooms, break rooms, and parking

•    Location-based protocols for unique areas like labs, libraries, Early Childhood Services, and on-campus dining

•    Details about capacity limits, cleaning procedures, signage, meeting guidelines, and when to request accommodation

We urge all of you to review the Return to Work Guide in its entirety, then return to it as needed. We will continue to make additions to the guide as health guidance from local, state, and federal authorities is adjusted. 

For some who have continued to work on campus through the pandemic, some of this will not be new. For others, you may not yet have a specific date for a return to campus. However, for all of us, learning new ways of moving through campus spaces will require both practice and vigilance. As a result, we may need to review these guidelines regularly. To those who are not working on campus now, we will provide ample lead time so you prepare for your return.  

If you have questions after reading the guide, you may contact Sharyl Murdock at  

Thank you for doing your part to protect yourself and the broader UCR community.