Voter registration deadline today

October 19, 2020
Kim A. Wilcox
October 19, 2020

Dear Highlanders,


As we near election day on November 3rd, I am writing to encourage the UCR campus community to register to vote, plan how and where you will vote, learn about the candidates and issues on next month’s ballot—and, then, vote. 


Register TODAY

The last day to register in California is TODAY, Monday, October 19, 2020. You can register online at If you are not a resident of California, this site will direct you to the appropriate online resource for your state. Please note, if you have moved since the last time you registered, you will need to re-register at your current address.


Plan your vote

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting how and where to vote in some, though not all, locations. For this reason, it is important to determine if you will be voting by mail or at an in-person polling place, if available. Since voting varies not only by state but also by county, spending a few minutes to determine how you will vote is more important this year than ever before. For California voters, the California Secretary of State’s Office has a wealth of information about elections, registration, and how to vote


Learn about candidates and issues

While the presidential election has received the most media attention this year, there are many other races and issues on ballots. Spending the time to learn more about candidates and issues will simplify the process when you take the final step, and…



After you register, plan your vote, and research candidates and issues, you’ll be ready to vote when you receive your vote by mail ballot or visit your polling place (again, only if available). 


We realize that some of our campus community are not eligible to vote next month. Regardless, we invite you to be engaged in the process and take full advantage of your rights to advocate for candidates and the issues important to you. 


And to those who can, we hope you will make the commitment to be a full participant in the political process and make your voice heard.