Access to COVID-19 vaccines on campus

January 26, 2021
Kim A. Wilcox
January 26, 2021

Dear Campus Community:

Last week, I announced the first arrivals of COVID-19 vaccines to UCR Health, which will be administered to employees and patients in alignment with the California Department of Public Health prioritization protocol.

As a reminder the university’s supply of vaccines will be very limited and we will focus our current on-campus vaccination efforts on essential workers approved to work on campus. Most of our employees and students will be vaccinated by their healthcare providers. 

If you are eligible, please be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to receive the vaccine through county vaccination clinics, personal physicians, or local pharmacies instead of waiting for UCR to receive additional vaccines. The university’s supply will be limited until further notice.

The university can only confirm whether you are working on campus regularly if you are filling out the Wellness Check form prior to coming work at a UCR facility. It’s critical that you fill out the form every day that you are working on campus.

Access to and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is a rapidly-changing process, and we will continue to provide more information and resources as more details become available.