Update to COVID response coordination

December 13, 2021
Kim Wilcox (Chancellor) and Elizabeth Watkins (Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor)
December 13, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we are announcing a new structure to manage through the next phase of COVID-19 related guidelines, operations, and implementation of policies. The new COVID coordination group will replace the current structure, which included working groups for Instructional Continuity, Research Ramp-Up, Operational Continuity, Student Services, and COVID Management.

The COVID coordination group will be charged with coordinating campus-wide implementation of evolving COVID public health mandates, conducting research to inform policy, and implementing executive policy decisions. 

Additionally, as conditions shift, we are continuing to move from acute triaging to longer-lasting response. In support of this change, the new group will also help determine where and how the ongoing work of the pandemic is managed in units and departments across campus. 

Members of the COVID coordination group are as follows:
Lead: Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost 
David Bergquist, Office of Legal Affairs
Johnny Cruz, University Communications 
Emily Engelschall, Enrollment Services
Sheila Hedayati, Environmental Health & Safety
Scott Heil, Institutional Research
John Stephen Henderson, Human Resources
Christine Mata, Dean of Students
Katina Napper, Academic Personnel
Linda Reimann, School of Medicine
Linda Roney, School of Medicine
Heidi Scribner, Auxiliary Services
Sue Tintorer, Human Resources
Denise Woods, Health, Well-being and Safety

The new group will continue to receive support from the Public Health Advisory Group, a group of physicians who advise on evolving health and safety guidelines and how best to implement local, state, and federal requirements. Members of that group include: 
Dr. Andres Gonzalez, Chief Medical Officer for UCR Health
Dr. Ken Han, Chief Medical Officer for Student Health Services 
Dr. Asma Jafri, Family Medicine
Dr. Nathan McLaughlin, Family Medicine

Thank you to each member of the former working groups that helped us problem-solve around a long list of challenges over the last 22 months. Your work made possible our progress in moving to remote operations, returning to campus, and keeping our community safe. We are grateful for your work.