Plans for start of winter quarter

December 30, 2021
Kim A. Wilcox
December 30, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

I hope you are having a restful winter break. I write to follow up on our Dec. 21 announcement about the start of winter quarter.

Remote Instruction
UC Riverside will begin winter quarter on Jan. 3 with two weeks of remote instruction. Similar actions are being taken at other UC campuses. This preventative measure will allow us to implement expanded COVID-19 testing for students and employees as we return to campus in light of the Omicron variant and gatherings that took place over the holidays.

Employees should get tested for COVID-19 prior to returning to campus, and report the result through the Daily Wellness Check. Either PCR or antigen tests are acceptable for vaccinated individuals. We recognize that access to rapid home tests and community testing sites are limited at this time. If you are unable to get tested before returning, please arrange for a test at our employee testing site in the Pentland Hills Bear Cave Meeting Room, which will offer expanded hours next week, starting at 6:30 a.m. Visit our testing page for hours and to schedule an appointment.

Vaccine Mandate and Boosters
Consistent with UC vaccine mandate, all students and employees are required to be fully vaccinated, including receiving boosters. Obtain your booster shot before January 31st or as soon as you are eligible to remain in compliance.

To review eligibility requirements and to learn where to schedule COVID-19 vaccine or vaccine booster appointments, students and campus employees should refer to UCR’s vaccines page

Work Arrangements
Any adjustments needed to individual work arrangements – whether in-person, remote, or hybrid – will be determined at the unit level. The campus will be open during the period of remote instruction, with in-person research and student services continuing. Facilities such as the Highlander One-Stop Shop, Library, Student Recreation Center, and Highlander Union Building will remain open, at reduced occupancy. If you have questions about your individual work arrangement, please reach out to your supervisor. Supervisors are encouraged to provide flexibility for employees who are able to work remotely, so that they are able to conduct testing and obtain their booster.

Daily Wellness Check
You are required to complete the Daily Wellness Check every day you work at a UCR owned or operated facility. On the survey you will be asked about symptoms, exposure, and recent COVID-19 testing. It’s essential that you fill out the Daily Wellness Check consistently, even if you have no symptoms, to help us monitor the health of our community.

No large in-person indoor events will take place on campus in the first two weeks of winter quarter. If you had planned to host an indoor event during this period and have questions about whether and how it should be modified, refer to the campus event and gatherings guidance and discuss with your supervisor. Also during this period, Highlanders games at the SRC Arena on campus will not have fans in attendance. 

Our Campus Return site has been updated recently with answers to additional questions about the start of winter quarter. Please continue to visit the site regularly for more information.  

Let’s Do R Part
When walking around our campus in recent months you’ve likely seen signs encouraging our community to “Do R Part.” While we wish for this pandemic to be over I ask that we all continue doing our part. Get tested. Get boosted. Mask up. Look out for one another. 

Thank you for your contributions to a successful return to campus this fall and to our continued success on campus this winter.