Updated UCR COVID-19 testing protocols for fully vaccinated students

February 1, 2022
Elizabeth Watkins and Brian Haynes
February 1, 2022

Dear Students, 

COVID-19 testing is critical for reducing virus transmission on-campus and maintaining our ability to operate in-person. Employees and students who are not fully vaccinated and are working and learning on-campus are already required to test regularly and report the results through the Daily Wellness Check as a condition of accessing campus facilities. Symptomatic and exposed individuals also are instructed to test and report their results. 

The UC Riverside Public Health Advisory Group has recommended that the campus adopt more robust testing protocols for fully vaccinated, asymptomatic members of our community, as well. Beginning January 31:

●    Fully vaccinated, asymptomatic students living in campus housing (residence halls or apartments) are expected to take a PCR test at least once every two weeks and report the results through the Daily Wellness Check.

●    All other fully vaccinated, asymptomatic employees and students who are working or learning on-campus are expected to take a PCR test at least once every month and report the results through the Daily Wellness Check.

Anyone who receives a positive PCR test result should pause this testing protocol for 90 days. 

UCR continues to provide free and convenient PCR testing at the Pentland Hills Bear Cave Meeting Room, and starting February 1 will add two new testing sites at the Student Success Center and at Bannockburn (room G-105). More information about testing including how to schedule an appointment can be found here

Fully vaccinated students are eligible to receive $5 in Bear Bucks for each PCR test (up to two) taken at a campus testing site from January 31 through February 25. Students must report their results through the Daily Wellness Check and have an active R’Card to be eligible for the incentive. Students should check their accounts about one month after reporting their test results.

Just as many individual vaccinations have collectively helped to protect our campus from virus transmission, individual testing can do the same. Thank you in advance for doing your part!