Campus message on Ukraine

March 7, 2022
Marko Princevac
Vice Provost for International Affairs
March 7, 2022

Dear Campus Community, 

The events of this past week in Europe have left many of us shaken by the images and stories coming out of Ukraine. The unexpected war has made us feel vulnerable and helpless; we shake our heads in horror and wonder, “how can this be happening?” We feel compelled to look for ways to bring comfort to those UCR international communities closely affected during this time.

From personal experience, I know all too well the emotional toll of war and the challenges that ongoing instability can cause, up close and from a distance. Born in the former country of Yugoslavia, the current scenes replayed in media outlets are a painful reminder of feelings of uncertainty and despair. The consequences of war are far-reaching and long-lasting.  

Many in UCR’s international communities are being challenged by a direct or indirect relationship to the area in crisis. Regardless of the politics at play, our UCR colleagues, peers, friends are overwhelmed with stress and bear a heavy burden for family and friends within proximity to the war region. As a university that recognizes and respects the diversity of its population, UCR is ready to help support those overwrought by this crisis. UCR is fortunate to have resources designed to help with the physical and emotional toll brought on by ongoing stress. We encourage you to reach out, use, support, and extend these resources to those in need.       

For UCR students looking for on-campus support:

•    Students who want professional and confidential mental health support, may contact UCR’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 951-827-5531. CAPS offers free services to all UC Riverside students.

•    Student Affairs Case Management  

•    R’Time for international women – an informal and supportive community group for UCR international students who identify as women. Email Jenny Shin for details.

•    The WELL  

•    Basic Needs Office  and the R’Pantry 

•    Physical health is important as well. The Student Recreation Center offers many services including yoga classes, free chair massages, and hosting stretch breaks. 

•    International students can contact our staff by email,

UCR Employees can contact the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program for confidential counseling, referrals, and other resources. 

International scholars can reach out to our staff on the International Scholars team.

International Affairs is experienced and dedicated to providing support to the health, safety, well-being and success of our International Student and Scholar community. We welcome the opportunity to provide comfort and help especially during this difficult time. 


Several organizations have provided lists of resources, and many are accepting donations to support their humanitarian outreach. Please visit these websites if you would like to learn more: 

•    Ukrainian Cultural Center of Los Angeles 

•    Razom For Ukraine Emergency Response 

•    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

•    IIE’s Emergency Student Fund 

•    Scholars who feel threatened may be eligible for assistance from the Scholar Rescue Fund ( or the Scholars at Risk Network ( ).

In this position, I am fortunate to learn, first-hand, of the talents and academic excellence of our global community. I am routinely in awe of the resilience of our international students and scholars. You have faced many challenges in your efforts to pursue your educational and career goals in the U.S. If this is a time when you need to seek relief in some of the resources available to you, please do so without reservation. UCR is united in its support of its international communities and friends.