Community Safety Advisory

April 4, 2022
Anthony Frisbee
Interim Chief of Police
April 4, 2022

UCR Police and Safety Services (UCR PD) received several reports of vehicles having the catalytic converter stolen while parked within the parking lots and parking structure located at UCR and surrounding areas.  Unfortunately, there has been a significant increase this past couple of years in catalytic converter thefts across the County and State.   

In collaboration with UCR Transportation Services, we have taken measures to enhance security by increasing police patrols and parking enforcement patrols in the parking areas during the day and night.   

We remain vigilant in our patrols and ask for your assistance by reporting suspicious activity to UCR PD immediately – race, gender, and religious affiliation are not considered suspicious.   

If you see someone using a jack to raise a vehicle and/or a person going under a car, for your safety do not confront the subject(s).  Please call your UCR Police at 951-827-5222 (non-emergency) or 9-1-1 (emergency).