May is Mental Health Matters Month

May 4, 2022
Counseling and Psychological Services
May 4, 2022

Dear Colleagues and Community Partners,

Every month should be a month we are paying attention to our mental health, right? But with May as Mental Health Matters Month, we have a special focus on getting the word out about what you can do to take action for your mental health and for everyone in your community.

You may already know that more than half of all Americans will experience a mental illness or disorder in their lifetime. And just about all of us have times when we feel stressed out, anxious, or down. When that happens to you or a loved one, do you know what to do? 

Recognizing that you or someone you know could use some support for your mental health is the first step. That means checking in with yourself regularly, and checking in with others to see if they may need help. Then you can take action to get support if it’s needed.

Join us and people across California in taking the Take Action for Mental Health Pledge. This is a way to commit to ourselves and the people around us that mental health is a priority and that we will do what we can to support each other.

The Take Action for Mental Health Pledge says:

I Pledge to Take Action for Mental Health
•    I will Check In with myself to identify mental health needs.
•    I will Learn More about mental health.
•    I will Get Support for my own mental health and support the mental health of others.
•    I will share this pledge with others to help them take action too!

You can download the pledge and find more resources to help you Check In, Learn More, and Get Support on the Take Action for Mental Health website.

You can also watch and share this powerful video created by students as part of the Directing Change program to learn how they pledge to Take Action for Mental Health.

Watch for more emails from us during Mental Health Matters Month. You can also follow our social media updates at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

We stand ready to take action. Let’s Check In, Learn More, and Get Support for our individual and collective mental health in our local communities.
CalMHSA and the Take Action for Mental Health Team