Statement regarding Supreme Court rulings

June 24, 2022
Kim A. Wilcox
June 24, 2022

Dear Campus Community,
Today’s action by the Supreme Court to overturn decades-old rulings that protected reproductive healthcare rights is creating concern throughout our community.
In a statement, President Drake said the Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization “is antithetical to the University of California’s mission and values. We strongly support allowing individuals to access evidence-based health care services and to make decisions about their own care in consultation with their medical team.” President Drake also stated that the University of California will continue to provide the full range of health care options available in our state.
I stand with President Drake, our leaders in California, and health care advocates who are working to protect reproductive healthcare rights. Today’s decision intensifies the need to fight for human rights protections, but it will not change the services we provide, including reproductive healthcare services.