New brand creative campaign launches

August 1, 2022
Johnny Cruz
University Communications
August 1, 2022

UC Riverside is launching a new brand creative campaign, titled “Bold Hearts. Brilliant Minds.” today to reach both new and familiar audiences with a distinct reminder of the university’s inspiring, unique, and unavoidable story.

The campaign, which was first presented and tested at UCR’s first-ever campus marketing and communications conference in April, launches with the following elements:
•    A new UCR anthem video, which can now be found online at:
•    An enhanced home page with its most substantial upgrade since 2018
•    Kickoff of marketing outreach to prospective students for the fall 2023 recruitment cycle 
•    A brand campaign resource guide for communicators in our schools, colleges, and organizational units
•    Zoom backgrounds and PowerPoint templates for use by the campus community
•    Updated photography, videography, design, and creative copywriting guidance 
•    Animated social media graphics for our online fans and followers

Over the next two months you’ll see the “Bold Hearts. Brilliant Minds.” campaign featured throughout the campus as we refresh light pole banners, wall wraps, and HUB walkway banners to feature this new creative. 

This fall UCR will launch an integrated advertising campaign, featuring traditional (billboards, commercials, etc.) and digital (social media, search, web, etc.) advertising with the “Bold Hearts. Brilliant Minds.” creative to reach audiences in California and out of state.

Thank you to the many members of the UCR community who engaged in various stages of the creative process that yielded this reminder of all that makes UCR great. 

For more information about the “Bold Hearts. Brilliant Minds.” creative campaign, and other UCR brand assets, visit