Call for funding proposals for mental health initiative

August 19, 2022
UCR Collective Impact Team
August 19, 2022

As part of the UCR Mental Health Equity Funds, we have created the UCR Collective Impact Team (C.I.T.) and piloting a Innovative Collaborative Mental Health Initiative Proposal for funds in the amount of $10,000 -$25,000 max.  UCR prevention, promotion and health education programming efforts are dedicated to instill healthy behaviors, and to recognize and respond to high-risk behaviors across the campus community.   
In an effort to continue (and enhance) mental health support on campus, UCR's Mental Health Innovation Fund will be awarded to departments/student groups to help fund innovative programming or studies that contribute to mental health awareness, research, prevention and promotion efforts. The use of these funds should also prioritize the creation of a sustainable, comprehensive, and multi-prong approach to impactful change that elevates well-being as a community matter and destigmatizes help-seeking for those experiencing mental health challenges. 
NOTE: An application is required, budget narrative and contact with a Health, Well-being & Safety partner to proceed with a funding proposal no later than September 9th, 2022 12pm PST. See the following links and attachments for details. 
Application Link (please use your UCR login to access the form).

Template Folder, Instructions & Further Details for your review: Files for Applicants 
We held two (2) LIVE 30-minute informational sessions to provide an overview of the initiative and answer any questions. 
Please refer to this Zoom meeting recording.
If you have any questions, please reach out to the Collective Impact Team (CIT leads), Dr. Shalaurey Jones-Consalvo,  and Dr. Connie Marmolejo, no later than September 7th, by 11am PST via email (please allow for a 24-hour response time). 
Please share widely within the UCR community to staff, faculty and graduate students.
UCR Collective Impact Team (C.I.T.)    
Shalaurey Jones-Consalvo, DrPH, MS, CHES                    
Senior Policy Analyst, Health Well-being & Safety            
CIT Funding Proposal Co-chair                                            
Connie Marmolejo DrPH  
Interim Director of The Well  
CIT Co-Chair - Funding  Proposal & MH Allies Instructor 
Elizabeth Mondragon, PsyD                                             
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services    
MH Allies Instructor/Co-Chair                  

Denise Woods, DrPH        
Associate Vice Chancellor of Health, Wellbeing and Safety