Facilities Services projects process changes

September 12, 2022
Adam Schnirel
Associate Vice Chancellor
Facilities Services
September 12, 2022

In order to support the campus’ increasing project needs and improve our campus spaces for faculty, students, and staff, Facilities Services will be making a change to its project process for new faculty projects, interior remodels, and other space adjustments requiring multiple skilled-trades work.  
Since the summer of 2016, Facilities Services, FS, managed a multi-trade minor renovation process where each campus organization prioritized their projects. Initial funding for project support was provided at the campus level and intended to support new faculty requests.  
However, over time these project requests expanded to administrative interior remodels and other space adjustments not related to new faculty, resulting in considerably delayed projects and inequity. Our organizational work shifted from general campus maintenance to the multi-trade renovations. Furthermore, COVID budgetary restrictions in 2020 reduced our funding for renovation work. As we enter fall of 2022, FS will return to the original focus of support: new faculty.  
A formal project team within FS is currently being constructed, which will provide a dedicated level of support to projects in a consistent manner. This will allow our maintenance teams to focus on much needed routine and preventative maintenance for the campus. We will also be focusing our attention on neglected common space that needs significant updating. 
Implementation of the new process is underway and will take until the spring of 2023 to fully develop. Expected changes are: 
•    Facilities projects process: The former, multi-trade minor renovation prioritization process will be redefined as “Facilities Projects” with no formal prioritization being necessary by each organization. Instead, FS will work with departments to organize and prioritize based on availability of resources and the complexity of the request. 

•    Facilities projects funding of $1.2 million for new faculty: Projects which support schools and colleges with new faculty project demands in CORE locations will be eligible for the project budget of Facilities Services. The budget for fiscal year 2022/2023 is $1.2 million. Without supplemental funds to balance the cost of inflation, materials and rising cost of labor, FS will be reducing the $1.2 million per annual amount by appropriate inflation amounts each year. Funding will be distributed amongst all eligible research and teaching organizations.  

•    Full Accounting Unit funded projects: Projects which do not meet the needs of new faculty are eligible for project support by FS at each department's expense and will be evaluated and prioritized by a Facilities project manager. 

•    Expanded FS project management capabilities: All projects (FS or department FAU funded) will be supported by Facilities Services’ expanded project management team, which will ensure efficiency and adherence to all campus renovation guidelines. 
Our first steps will be to improve the project submission process and establish the FS project management team. 
More details will be communicated as we begin the new project process. Facilities Services will be reaching out to set up meetings with each school and college to discuss this change and others happening in FS.