Call for Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Committee Nominations

September 14, 2022
Kim A. Wilcox
September 14, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

I write to request your assistance soliciting nominations from faculty, staff and students qualified to serve on the UC Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Implementation Committee (Campus Committee). Respectful repatriation is a fundamental value of the University, mandated by both Federal NAGPRA and California NAGPRA (CalNAGPRA). This Committee is charged with providing compliance oversight and review, advising on matters related to the University’s implementation of NAGPRA and CalNAGPRA, and promoting the implementation of the UC Native American Cultural Affiliation and Repatriation Policy (UC Policy).

UC re-established its Campus Committees in Fall 2021 in order to come into compliance with new CalNAGPRA requirements regarding the composition and qualifications of Committee members. Campus Committees are composed of six individuals, including three representatives from California Indian Tribes and three from the University of California. 

We are currently soliciting nominations to fill two UC Campus Committee vacancies from UC Riverside.


All UC representatives, including non-voting members, must meet the following criteria:

•        Have a graduate degree in either Archaeology, Anthropology, Native American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Law, Sociology, Environmental Studies, or History, with a focus in California.
•        Have a minimum of five years’ experience working in the applicable field of study.

In addition, preference will be given to members “who have demonstrated, through their professional experience, the ability to work in collaboration with Native American tribes successfully on issues related to repatriation or museum collection management” (CalNAGPRA §8026(c)(2)). The UC Policy currently allows UC to make exceptions to the above qualifications provided that such exceptions promote repatriation and amplify the Policy’s Purpose and Guiding Principles and that proposed members have been nominated by the California Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC).

Nomination Process

In accordance with CalNAGPRA, the NAHC nominates all Committee members. In his role as the Chancellor’s Designee under the UC Policy, University Librarian Steven Mandeville-Gamble appoints the Campus Committee, upon NAHC’s nomination. The UC President’s Designee similarly appoints members to the Systemwide Committee.

For additional application details, please see

As leaders in your respective areas, we are asking for your assistance distributing this information and identifying UC representatives that meet the above qualifications. Please encourage any qualified individuals to apply directly to the NAHC. In order to be considered prior to the next NAHC Commission meeting, applicants should submit their nomination packets by September 30, 2022.

If you have any questions regarding the Campus Committee, please contact Steven Mandeville-Gamble, our campus lead on NAPGRA and repatriation matters, at or 951-827-3221. Questions regarding the Systemwide Committee should be directed to Thank you in advance for your assistance.