Message to UCR students regarding the ongoing labor strike

November 29, 2022
Ken Baerenklau, Shaun Bowler, Emily Engelschall, and Brian Haynes
November 29, 2022

Dear UCR Students,

We know that many of you are concerned about the impact of the UAW strike on fall quarter final exams and grade submission. Mindful of this, we have extended the grade submission deadline to December 19 in order to give instructors more time to complete their grading. After December 19, a temporary grade of “GD” (for “Grade Delay”) will be used for any missing grades. We are currently working to ensure that these Grade Delays do not inadvertently impede your academic progress into winter quarter, or your plans to graduate. 

Across the campus and the UC system, staff in Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs, the Graduate Division, Enrollment Services, as well as deans, faculty, and staff in the schools and colleges, are examining other possible impacts of the strike and developing contingency plans if it continues. If it becomes necessary to implement these plans, we will provide you with more information at that time. Negotiations between the university and the UAW are ongoing and we remain optimistic that an agreement will be reached soon.

As we near finals week, please stay in close communication with your instructors, ask them questions if you are uncertain about their end-of-quarter plans, and focus on performing your best on your assigned papers, projects, and exams. Also watch your UCR email account for additional updates.