Ramadan 2023 - Supporting UCR's Muslim Students

March 17, 2023
Middle Eastern Student Center
March 17, 2023

The month of Ramadan begins Thursday, March 23, and ends Friday, April 21. Learn more about how you can support those who observe.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Religious Accommodations

  • Ramadan coincides with Finals Week
  • You may see increased requests for time to pray, break the daily fast, etc.

Different Start & End Dates

  • Based on a lunar calendar and it is common for Muslims to start and end on different days (by 1 or 2 days)

Ramadan Looks Different Depending on the Person 

  • Some Muslims may choose not to participate or may participate in different ways

Underlying Conditions May be Exacerbated

  • Although individuals who have an illness are exempt from fasting some may still do so
  • Mental health issues may increase because of lack of sleep, food
  • Those with eating disorders may have certain habits return if they feel pressure to observe the fast

In addition to fasting, students are likely operating on highly altered sleep schedules which can impact mood, academics, etc. 

  • Try not to assume people are or are not fasting
  • This is a personal decision 

Time of Reflection and Joy 
  • Welcomed with joy because seen as a time for increased levels of spirituality, charity, breaking bad habits, and building community
  • The holiday Eid comes at the end of the month and is one of the biggest celebrations in Islam 

Additional Resources

•    Infographic on Ramadan and How to Support Muslim Students at UCR 

•    Nine Questions About the Muslim Holy Month You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask 

•    NASPA Webinar on Supporting Muslim Students on Campus

Ramadan Mubarak (Happy Ramadan). If there’s anything you need from Middle Eastern Student Center, or MESC, please feel to reach out at mesc@ucr.edu.