Scooter and Wheeled Device Safety

January 19, 2024
Christine Mata
Dean of Students
January 19, 2024

Hello Highlanders,

Happy winter quarter! As I walk throughout campus, I am excited to feel the energy and life you all bring to UCR. I also have witnessed the use of many scooters and skateboards throughout campus. Scooters and skateboards play a critical role in assisting you to move throughout campus. Unfortunately, there have also been near misses involving pedestrians.

As Highlanders, I know you have places to be and things to do. However, sometimes we need a reminder to be cautious and watch out for each other in this dynamic campus community. Together, we can enhance the safety of our campus for pedestrians and drivers of scooters and any wheeled devices.

Here are a few reminders and safety tips about mobility safety on campus.

Electric Scooters: UCR currently prohibits the riding of electric scooters on campus sidewalks and pathways. Here is a brief overview of UCR regulations regarding electric scooters. For your reference from Transportation and Parking Services:

"Section 7.02. Prohibited or Reckless Use of Wheeled Device. No person shall operate on the University any of the following Wheeled Devices: Skateboard, Inline/Roller Skates, Motorized Skateboard, Electronically-Motorized board, Scooter, & Motorized Scooter in areas where the use of these devices is prohibited, or exhibit reckless use of wheeled devices where use of these device is allowed"

California law requirements for electric scooters include:

  • Riding at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour
  • Using bike lanes where available
  • Traveling in the same direction as vehicle traffic along the right edge of lanes
  • Obeying all traffic laws
  • Having a valid driver's license in possession
  • Not riding on pedestrian sidewalks
  • Dismount and walk for left turns
  • Do not allow passengers on the scooter

Safety Tips

  • Disembark and walk your wheels on campus walkways
  • Park your scooter in specially-designated areas such as bike and e-scooter racks
  • Utilize a U-type lock to secure your scooter to the rack
  • We also encourage students to not bring their scooters indoors due to egress (ensuring free and clear pathways inside of a building) and lithium battery fire codes
  • Do not park or lock your bike against any building facades, landscaping, or any other structures
  • Wear a helmet
  • Do not ride tandem
  • Be aware of your surroundings! Please do not wear earbuds or other devices that reduce your ability to respond in real-time to your environment
  • Be respectful of your fellow Highlanders!

Thank you all for your continued contribution to scooter and wheeled device safety. We all want to walk through this beautiful campus and feel secure that our fellow Highlanders are watching out for each other. Go, Highlanders!


Dr. Christine Mata

Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students