Chancellor’s Update – February 2024

February 26, 2024
Kim A. Wilcox
February 26, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

At this time nearly four years ago, all of us were learning the importance of social distancing. Fear that any person we encountered might lead to severe consequence limited new connections. 

We work in an institution and industry where change is the norm. From discovery that births the latest fields of study to the new students who arrive on campus each year, the need to always be making new connections is one part of a university that, ironically, is constant.

I have thought about this often during recent travels while meeting with a wide group of external constituents. The word constituent is defined by Oxford Languages as “a component part of something.” Indeed, many people who are an important part of our community are external constituents. 

The importance of these connections has been a recurring theme whether I am traveling to San Francisco to meet with alumni and donors at a regional event or advocating in Sacramento with legislators, many of whom have new committee assignments or leadership positions. Developing new relationships is one of the most critical aspects of my job.

Each of you, as well, plays an important role in sharing about UC Riverside’s work to find new solutions to challenging problems or educate the future work force. Over the next couple months, we have a few special opportunities for making new connections and spreading the story of UCR.

UCR Honors: A Gala Celebration

This year, on April 6 at 6:00 p.m., we’ll be honoring longtime friends and new ones at UCR Honors: A Gala Celebration. Cheech Marin, who will receive the UCR Medallion, has a special invitation for you. 

The black-tie event also celebrates Highlander alumni who represent our mission: Byron Pollitt ’73, Teresa Pollitt ’74, Christy Lopez ’90, Manav Sachdeva ’99, and Jesse Melgar, MPP ’17. 

For a limited time, faculty and staff can secure event tickets for a reduced cost. You can purchase tickets today via this link. This is an event you do not want to miss!

Highlander Day of Service

Another opportunity to get out into the community and make new friends along with alumni and parents is the Highlander Day of Service on March 16. Across the country, Highlanders will be giving back to their communities by participating in service projects. You’ll find more than 20 projects in which you can participate by visiting the website to learn more.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Symposium 

Each year the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Symposium provides undergraduate students the opportunity to share their research and creative projects with the UCR community, giving them a chance to practice the skills they have learned and preparing them for the next step in their scholarly journey. The deadline for students to apply is 5:00 p.m. pst on March 1. We encourage you to share this information with students.

Collaborating Across Borders

Making new friends is not confined by borders. In the newly released issue of UCR Magazine, you can learn more about research teams that collaborate with teams in Mexico to document Oaxacan music by an all-female indigenous band and the artifacts of Teotihuacan. The issue also shares a few examples of numbers that highlight our growth.

There’s no better advocates for UCR than those who witness the life-changing transformations that occur here each day. Thank you for helping tell our story wherever and whenever you can.