Encampment on campus

April 29, 2024
Kim A. Wilcox
April 29, 2024

Dear Campus Community,

The suffering in Gaza since the start of this war has been unimaginable – more than 30,000 deaths, millions of people displaced, and hunger that is bordering on famine. The crisis has affected many on our campus in a personal and profound way.

Early this morning, student demonstrators set up a tent encampment near the Bell Tower as a response to the war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

My highest priority is the physical and psychological safety of every UC Riverside student, staff, and faculty member. We support free speech, but speech and activity that disrupts campus operations is not protected. I have asked several campus leaders to ensure that this latest demonstration does not disrupt normal operations on campus. 

We are taking the following immediate actions to make certain that the encampment complies with important campus policies:

  • In accordance with our posting policy, large signs and banners will be taken down.
  • Chalk writing on the ground at and around the Bell Tower must be removed. 
  • Blocking access to any campus venue is not permitted. Students, employees, or visitors should enjoy unfettered access to spaces at or near the Bell Tower. 

UCR must continue to prioritize the purpose of the university, which is teaching, research, and public service. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this complex matter with sensitivity and respect.