Required Time and Attendance Reporting Reminder

June 12, 2024
Human Resources
June 12, 2024

Thank you for your hard work this year. Each University of California (UC) employee is critical to our success and helps us achieve our shared goals of education, research, patient care, and student support. We know that your everyday duties can be demanding, making it easy to forget certain routine, but required, tasks like submitting your timesheet or absences. While these small tasks are sometimes the most difficult to remember, they are critical to our shared success and duty as a public employer. 

With that in mind, this is a reminder to all University employees who submit timesheets in local time and attendance systems to submit your time worked, absences, and/or acknowledge you have no absences to report by the deadline established at your campus/location. Accurate and complete time and leave reporting ensures that you are paid accurately, that the university meets its obligations to pay for work performed and helps ensure the responsible use of public funds. For employees who are paid a salary, it is important to remember that you have a responsibility to report whether you have any absences or do not have any absences. Failure to accurately record time and leave may result in an overpayment of public funds requiring repayment and other corrective action. 

If you have questions about time and leave reporting, please reach out to your local academic personnel or human resources office. We encourage all UC employees to fully explore their benefits, available at: Employee benefits | UCnet ( We want all employees to understand their benefits so that they can fully utilize them to support themselves and their families. 

We appreciate your valuable contributions to the University, taking time out of your busy day to diligently review this letter, and your observance of the University’s policies regarding accurate and timely timesheet submissions.