Salary Increase for policy-covered staff and academic employees

June 12, 2024
Kim A. Wilcox
June 12, 2024

Dear Campus Community,

This year, I am pleased to announce a 4.2% general salary increase for all policy-covered staff and academic employees for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, subject to eligibility requirements.  The general salary adjustment will not be a “merit” allocation this year. However, employees must receive a minimum overall rating of “Successfully Meets Performance Expectations/ Successful” (for pilot participants) on their 2024 performance appraisal to meet eligibility requirements for the general salary increase.

The 4.2% increase to base salaries will be effective July 1, 2024, for eligible policy-covered staff and academic appointees. The adjustment to the academic salary scales for policy-covered faculty will be effective October 1, 2024. Determinations regarding academic off-scale and above-scale adjustments will be made following notification of the FY24-25 budget allocation from the UC Office of the President. Please note that union-represented employees are not included in this program, as their wages are governed by collective-bargaining agreements.

As always, thank you for the important work you do and for your dedication to UC Riverside. Your contributions continue to drive success and excellence in our research, teaching, and service.