Marketing professor is finalist for long-term impact award

Author: David Danelski
April 15, 2023

Max Joo
Max Joo

Mingyu “Max” Joo, assistant professor of marketing in UCR’s School of Business, has been named one

of five finalists for the Don Morrison Long Term Impact Award for a journal article based on his dissertation research that explores television advertising and related online searches. A winner is expected to be announced at the Marketing Science Conference in Miami early June.

The award is provided by INFORMS Society for Marketing Science. It goes to authors of research articles published in Marketing Science and Management Science between 2013 and 2017 that have had significant long-run impacts in the field of marketing. The finalists all had at least 150 citations on Google Scholar.

Joo’s paper, “Television Advertising and Online Search,” was published in 2014 and has been cited 205 times, according to Google Scholar. It detailed how television advertising for financial services increased both the number of related Google searches and searchers' tendency to use branded keywords in place of generic keywords. It identified cross-media effects essential to the planning, executing, and evaluating of both television and online search advertising campaigns.

This is the third time Joo has been a finalist for the long-term impact award. 

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