UCR CleanWater Launches Earth Month Zero Waste Pledge Campaign

Mon, 03/29/2021 - 12:00
Environmental Health & Safety
March 29, 2021

Norm the Navel calls on all Highlanders to join him this April and Be a Zero Hero. Together we can help achieve UCR zero waste goals by taking the Zero Hero Pledge. Each week during Earth Month Norm’s partners at UCR CleanWater, Dining Services, the Office of Sustainability, Green Campus Action Plan, and Healthy Campus will share ways we can all Refuse single-use packaging, Reduce paper and plastic usage, and Reuse, repurpose, and refurbish.

Reducing the amount of waste we generate as individuals is an important part of reducing landfill waste and preventing potential plastic debris that ends up in rivers and ocean waters. We can reduce landfill waste and help prevent the harm to wildlife caused by plastic debris in rivers and ocean waters by generating less waste such as single-use plastic bottles, snack wrappers, and fast-food packaging.

The R’2GO reusable meal container is a great example of how Highlanders can Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse. The reusable R’2GO meal container can keep 1,000 daily to-go boxes out of 157 dumpsters… that’s 14 tons of trash.

Look for Norm the Navel in coming weeks for tips on reducing waste and becoming a Zero Hero!

Click here now to Join Norm the Navel and Pledge to Be a Zero Hero!

  • Refuse single-use packaging
  • Reduce paper & plastic usage
  • Reuse, repurpose, refurbish

Take the pledge today! https://ehs.ucr.edu/zerowaste