Green Campus Action Plan Has What You Need to Join the Zero Waste Movement

Mon, 04/19/2021 - 12:00
Environmental Health & Safety
April 19, 2021

Highlanders are joining Norm the Navel and taking the Zero Waste Pledge every day this Earth Month, and the UCR Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP) has what you need to move your lifestyle towards zero waste. You don’t need to be 100% zero waste to make a difference, small actions can have a big impact. For example, using the new R’2GO reusable meal container at Glasgow and Lothian Residential Dining can reduce the campus annual carbon footprint by 60 metric tons… that’s like taking 13 cars off the road!
Whether you’re just starting out on the zero-waste journey or looking for new tips to get closer to zero, GCAP has lots of info and resources at to get you where you want to be!
Link to story: Tips to Make Less Trash
Consider these ways to reduce waste in your everyday life:

•    Shop in stores that sell bulk foods like Winco, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Smart & Final
•    Use old mason jars from pasta sauce or other foods for storage containers
•    Use alternative transportation if possible
•    Always try to buy second-hand when possible
•    Compost any food leftovers
•    Turn old t-shirts into cleaning rags
•    Make DIY housecleaning products using stuff you have at home 
•    Buy only what you need
•    Try to limit the use of plastic goods
•    Try buying your items in physical stores rather than online when possible
•    Create a garden in your home if possible
•    Use reusable products rather than disposables
•    Cook at home as much as possible to avoid disposable takeout containers
•    When ordering takeout, ask if they accept reusable containers

Join Norm the Navel and GCAP in the Zero Waste Movement! Pledge to Be a Zero Hero!
•    Refuse single-use packaging
•    Reduce paper & plastic usage
•    Reuse, repurpose, refurbish