Stem Cell Awareness Day - Take a tour of the UCR Stem Cell Core - Oct 12th

Thu, 10/06/2022 - 12:00
UCR Stem Cell Core Facility
October 6, 2022

The UCR Stem Cell Core will have an open house with Core Tours on Stem Cell Awareness Day - Tuesday, Oct 12th from 1:00-3:00 PM


This is a great opportunity for any lab that wants to begin a stem-cell-based project or wants access to new instrumentation to further their current research. The Stem Cell Core is open to any mammalian project and is not limited to stem-cell-based projects. Additionally, certain instruments are available for non-mammalian research projects including the Novocyte flow cytometer, Seahorse Mitochondrial Analyzer, and High-Resolution Upright microscope (more info below). 


**The open house will include tours of the Stem Cell Core, and any new labs or new members that participate will receive a 1-hour free coupon on an instrument of their choice.**


Sign Up for a Stem Cell Core Tour on Oct 12th by emailing Rachel Behar ( The times available are 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:00 pm, and 2:30 pm.


Live-Cell Imaging and Microscopy Instrumentation Available at the Stem Cell Core:

  • Nikon BioStation CT - fully automated live-cell imaging system (plates)
  • Nikon BioStation IM - fully automated live-cell imaging system (35mm dish)
  • Nikon Ti Eclipse - Inverted, fully automated with color, bright field, and fluorescent imaging (plates and slides)
  • Nikon 80i Eclipse - Upright microscope with phase, fluorescent and color imaging, high resolution up to 100x.
  • Nikon Light Microscope (Dissecting Scope) - fluorescent imaging available.
  • ThermoFisher EVOS - All-in-One color and phase imaging

Cell and Molecular Biology Instrumentation Available at the Stem Cell Core:

  • Seahorse Analyzer - measures metabolic activity via the oxygen consumption rate and extracellular acidification rate in live cells or isolated mitochondria 
  • Novocyte Flow Cytometer - user-friendly, two laser - 10 channels
  • Bulldog Bio NEPA21 Electroporator - gentle, efficient even on hard-to-transfect cell types, and very cost-effective. 
  • BioTek Epoch - Colorimetric Plate Reader
  • BioRad 384 qPCR
  • BioRad Thermocycler
  • Lonza Luminometer
  • Lonza Nucleofector - Electroporator
  • Invitrogen Qubit - For Quantifying DNA, RNA or Protein.
  • RNA Flash Gel System 
  • ThermoFisher Countess - automated cell counter