Annual Campus Asbestos Notification (Connelly Act, AB 3713) | 2023

Tue, 02/14/2023 - 12:00
Environmental Health & Safety
February 14, 2023

Annual Campus Asbestos Notification (Connelly Act, AB 3713)

Environmental Health & Safety Office | 2023

California Health and Safety Code Section 25915 requires notification to all UC Riverside personnel of the presence of asbestos in certain materials used in the construction of University buildings. Copies of this legislation are available at the Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) office.

Buildings that were built prior to 1981 may contain asbestos materials in publicly accessible areas. These materials may include, but are not limited to, vinyl asbestos floor tiles and/or linoleum sheet flooring as well as the mastic used to secure them, sprayed on acoustical or “popcorn ceiling”, gypsum wallboard, drywall and joint compounds, ceiling tiles and ceiling tile mastic, spray applied fire proofing materials, as well as thermal system insulation materials. In addition, some laboratory and machine shop areas have benches and/or fume hoods constructed of transite (asbestos cement) and other similar presumed asbestos containing materials (PACM). Asbestos in these materials is bonded with vinyl, epoxy, cement or other materials and under normal conditions, does not pose any danger to the building occupant. Intact, bonded, sealed or undisturbed asbestos does not pose a hazard.

However, if the material is drilled, sanded or otherwise disturbed, it could result in the release of asbestos fibers into the air that could pose a health risk. Such work must only be performed by specially trained personnel using proper work practices, containment equipment and personal protective equipment.

It is important for employees to follow proper work practices to minimize the potential for disturbing any PACM, and potentially releasing asbestos fibers into the air. In particular, avoid disturbing asbestos materials in walls, ceilings, pipes or equipment. Do not break, drill, cut or remove anything that may be considered PACM. If you have any questions about identifying a material as PACM, contact the UCR Environmental Health and Safety Office before you disturb the material(s). If you observe any asbestos materials that have been damaged, report the condition immediately to your Supervisor and the EH&S Office.

Department heads and supervisors are required to ensure all employees (including student assistants and contract employees) are aware of this notification, why it is being sent, potential health hazards associated with asbestos fiber releases, how to prevent disturbing asbestos containing materials, prohibited practices and the places where asbestos containing building materials are located in their work area(s). A Frequently Asked Questions flier is attached as an educational tool.

UCR is committed to safely and effectively managing asbestos on campus. The University maintains a staff of certified professionals at EH&S who conduct building surveys, coordinate and supervise asbestos abatement activities, perform air monitoring, and provide training. Historic asbestos surveys are on record in the EH&S office and may be viewed by UCR building occupants at any time during normal business hours. If there are any questions regarding asbestos safety, please contact EH&S at (951) 827-5528 or email Thank you in advance for your continued assistance in protecting the health and safety of everyone on campus.

You can view/download a copy of this notification on the EH&S homepage:

For questions, comments or concerns please contact EH&S Industrial Hygiene office at