R'Card Photo Contest Winner Announced

Wed, 05/24/2023 - 12:00
Auxiliary Services
May 24, 2023

UCR Students submitted photos this spring to be chosen as the background image for the 2023-24 R’Card, seen by thousands of students and staff! Photo submissions showcased dynamic interaction on campus and featured iconic UCR landmarks and vistas.

Han Li, a doctoral student in computer science, is the winner of the contest for his landscape photo of the UCR Bell Tower with a bloom of flowers in the forefront.

154 total photos were submitted by UCR students during the month of March.  Photos were judged on creativity, originality, and image quality. Finalists moved on to a full vote by the UCR community (via Instagram) on April 17 to determine the winning entry.  1083 people voted on the finalists and the eventual winner garnered 61% of the vote.

"Witnessing the Bell Tower amidst a bloom of flowers on a sunny afternoon, right after a rainy night, was a sight to behold," a joyful Li said.  "The moment was so amazing, so striking, I simply had to capture it. Now, seeing that photograph on every new student's new R'Card is a profound honor. My hope is that this image serves as a visual testament to the resilience and beauty of our university - a symbol of the fact that there's always a rainbow after the rain. I'm immensely grateful for this opportunity to share this fleeting, yet timeless moment of beauty with the entire student body for the next academic year. This photo is a testament to the transformation we all undergo at university, reminding us that even after the darkest storms, the sun will shine again, and life will blossom anew."

Li received a $75 voucher to the UCR Bookstore, his framed photo, and a free 2023-24 R’Card.