Student Study to Promote Cardiometabolic Health

Fri, 11/17/2023 - 12:00
School of Education
November 17, 2023


The 3E Study by School of Education Professor Robert Ream seeks to generate knowledge to improve health and well being for young adults and promote educational and economic equity, and we are excited to invite you to participate in this study! The study aims to recruit 1,000 UCR students and collect information on finances, diet habits, and physical health via surveys, apps, and anthropometric measures.


For the study, you will complete an online survey about your experiences as a college student and stop by for a 10 minute campus health visit (to measure height, weight, waist measurement, and blood pressure) five times over three years; you will receive at least a $20 reward per visit. Additionally, participants can select a smartphone sub-study and receive up to an additional $35.