Annual Campus Asbestos Notification | 2024

Thu, 02/29/2024 - 12:00
Environmental Health & Safety
February 29, 2024



The purpose of this notice is to inform campus employees, building owners, lessees, and operators of the presence of asbestos in UC Riverside buildings. The Asbestos Notification Act (California Health & Safety Code §§ 25915–25919.7) states that the owner of any building constructed prior to 1979 with an Asbestos Management Plan in place must notify all employees regarding: the specific locations within the building(s) where asbestos is present, potential health risks or impacts that may result from exposure to the asbestos, risks of disturbing asbestos-containing construction material and clarifying that such disturbance not be attempted by an unqualified employee, and a description of the asbestos management plan.


Asbestos is a common, naturally occurring group of fibrous minerals previously used in a variety of building materials. Asbestos can be classified as friable (i.e., easily crumbled) or nonfriable. Asbestos can become friable when material containing asbestos is drilled, sanded or disturbed by remodeling or demolition work.

Asbestos is only a hazard when small fibers become airborne and are inhaled or deposited within the lungs. Asbestos fiber release could result from a fire, earthquake, other natural disasters, or when someone unknowingly damages or disturbs asbestos-containing material. Significant and long-term exposure to asbestos from activities that directly disturb asbestos containing materials (such as asbestos mining) can lead to a variety of respiratory diseases, including asbestosis (a debilitating lung disease), lung cancer, and Mesothelioma (a cancer of the lung cavity lining). Mesothelioma may result from much smaller exposures to asbestos. When asbestos products are intact, sealed, and undisturbed, the fibers will not be released into the workplace and the health risk is minimal.

Moving, drilling, boring, or otherwise disturbing asbestos-containing construction material may present a health risk and, consequently, should not be attempted by an employee who is not qualified to handle asbestos-containing construction material. Such work must only be performed by trained or certified personnel.


UCR is committed to safely and effectively managing asbestos on campus. The University

maintains a staff of certified professionals at EH&S who conduct building surveys, coordinate and supervise asbestos abatement activities, perform air monitoring, and provide training. Historic asbestos surveys are on record in the EH&S office and may be viewed by UCR building

occupants at any time during normal business hours. If there are any questions regarding

asbestos safety, please contact EH&S at (951) 827-5528 or email


This campus has an Asbestos Management Plan, which can be accessed on our webpage at The Asbestos Management Plan includes the following:

• A written plan

• A warning and notification system,

• An asbestos survey request system,

• A periodic, routine in-house monitoring or inspection system,

• A work control system to control activities that might disturb asbestos-containing materials,

• A provision for training campus employees who will come in contact with the materials and, if necessary, a medical screening program for campus custodial and maintenance employees who work around the materials, and

• A thorough documentation and recordkeeping system.


If you have any questions about this notice or if you become aware of a situation you believe might lead to airborne asbestos fiber release, please contact EH&S at (951) 827-5528 or email