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New Master of Science in Business Analytics at UC Riverside

The program, offered jointly by the School of Business and the Department of Statistics, launches in fall 2021

December 14, 2020
Author: Holly Ober
December 14, 2020

The UC Riverside graduate program in business analytics is a rigorous STEM program jointly offered by the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management and the Department of Statistics in the College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences. 

The program has three career tracks — finance analytics, marketing analytics, and operations analytics — and can be completed in as few as nine months or at a flexible pace to meet personal and professional needs. 

"With the projected job growth of 14% over the next five to 10 years in this important and dynamic field, we are pleased to offer a high-caliber graduate program for students pursuing rewarding careers in business analytics," said Yunzeng Wang, dean of the UC Riverside School of Business. 

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Statistical computing to describe marketing, logistics, and financing patterns
  • Testing models for improved operating efficiency, lowering costs, and targeting the needs of customers
  • Forecasting revenues and consumer demand
  • Identifying trends in financial markets and using financial data to hedge operations

All students in the program take highly quantitative courses in data analysis and statistical computing, as well as a two-quarter, experiential learning capstone class that applies understanding of business analytics to a project.

The UC Riverside Master of Science in Business Analytics is a flexible program targeting candidates with an undergraduate degree in a quantitative field. The master’s degree 48-unit curriculum will include eight core courses, three elective courses, and a two-quarter capstone course. The program offers three flexible career tracks: finance analytics, marketing analytics, and operations analytics. The degree will be STEM-designated, which allows international students to work in the United States for up to 36 months after graduation.  

In addition to the new master of science in business analytics, the school offers a full-time, two-year MBA; a part-time professional MBA; a nine-month master of finance; and a nine- or 15-month master of professional accountancy.