Historian discusses pre-Christian religion in ancient Rome

Michele Salzman discusses forms of worship in ancient Rome on podcast

June 18, 2021
Author: Holly Ober
June 18, 2021

Before Christianity in ancient Rome, religion was diverse and vast. Michele R. Salzman, a professor of history at the University of California, Riverside, spoke to host Andrew Schiestel for the Ithaca Bound podcast about religions and forms of worship in ancient Rome and how they functioned. The episode is entitled, "Pre-Christian Religion in Rome w. Dr. Michele R. Salzman." 

Michele Salzman

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Show Notes

Some topics explored

  • When Christianity
  • Jewish people in ancient Rome
  • Ancient writers who wrote on ancient Roman religion
  • Julius Caesar’s relationship to religion
  • The Roman Pantheon
  • The Sol & Isis deities
  • Roman emperors being given the Pontifex Maximus
  • Temple of Venus
  • Terms that Romans used to describe ancient religion
  • Priests involved in ancient religion including priests that were dedicated to given deities

The Ithaca Bound podcast is a daily podcast that explores history and mythology in the Mediterranean Basin. It’s hosted by Canadian publisher and writer, Andrew Schiestel. The podcast is available on major podcast apps: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Thumbnail photo: Defaced Dea Roma holding Victory and regarding an altar with a cornucopia and other offerings, copy of a relief panel from an altar or statue base. (Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons, photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto)