Psychology professor speaks on Victory Podcast

Thomas Sy discusses leadership and his colorful life experiences

August 3, 2021
Author: Holly Ober
August 3, 2021

UC Riverside psychology professor Thomas Sy discusses aspects of mindset and behavior change, among other topics, on two episodes of The Victory Podcast.

Thomas Sy

The Victory Podcast The features conversations about life, mindset, and psychology with leaders in industry, many of whom have military backgrounds.

Sy, an organizational psychologist, is a former Army Special Forces Green Beret who escaped Vietnam on a boat with his family as a child and lived in a refugee camp before emigrating to the United States.

In the podcast, he shares thoughts on leadership, such as what he thinks is the single most important attribute of all leaders, a universal theory for cultivating positive change, and some of his colorful life experiences.

The Victory Podcast Episode 35.1
The Victory Podcast Episode 35.2