Festival of Lights

Highlanders join Festival of Lights

See a photo gallery from UCR Night at the holiday event

December 12, 2023
Author: Imran Ghori
December 12, 2023

UC Riverside returned to the Riverside Festival of Lights this holiday season offering treats and photo ops with Scotty the Bear.

More than 570 visitors stopped by the “Bold Hearts, Brilliant Minds” booth on UCR Night at the Festival of Lights on Friday, Dec. 8. Festival goers, including students and alumni, received UCR-branded cookies, light-up necklaces, and the opportunity to enter a drawing.

UCR is also the sponsor for the ice skating rink continuing nightly at the annual holiday event that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from across Southern California. This is the fourth year UCR has had a visitor experience at the Festival of Lights.

The festival began Nov. 18 and continues through Dec. 31.