Proposed Local Implementing Procedure - Whistleblower Protection Policy Request for Comments Reminder

January 9, 2019
Kiersten Boyce
Associate Vice Chancellor/Chief Compliance Officer
January 9, 2019


Request for Comments – Proposed Local Implementing Procedure - Whistleblower Protection Policy


This local procedure relates to the UC Whistleblower Protection Policy, which is the complaint procedure for employees (and certain others) who believe they have been retaliated against for filing a whistleblower complaint (or engaging in certain other protected activity). The Whistleblower Protection Policy anticipates that each campus will have a local procedure to implement the policy. The policy itself dictates the complaint handling process. The local implementing procedure now posted for campus review and comment seeks to:


  • summarize the process  in a more user-friendly format than the policy
  • specify who performs key roles in the process at UCR
  • explain some procedural details that are not covered in the policy, for example that UCR typically conducts in-person (versus telephone) interviews.


The proposed procedure is available for review and comment until January 31th, 2019 Please provide any comments to