Daily Digest Being Replaced by ScotMemos

April 17, 2019
Johnny Cruz
University Communications
April 17, 2019

In response to campus feedback about the volume of email and the relevance of information being emailed to all university employees, UC Riverside is replacing the Daily Digest with a new channel – called ScotMemos – for announcements targeting the UCR campus community.

The ScotMemos page, which will reside on the Inside UCR website, launched yesterday and will officially replace the Daily Digest as of May 17. Any UCR staff or faculty member can submit a ScotMemo announcement to the campus community. 

How it Works

All ScotMemos that are posted online are searchable on the Inside UCR website and will have a dedicated URL for easy sharing via email and social media.

Submitting a ScotMemo is done through a simple online form. To submit a ScotMemo, visit the Inside UCR website and click on the "Submit a ScotMemo" button. You will need to enter your NetID and password to confirm your UCR affiliation. ScotMemos will be reviewed promptly by University Communications and then posted online.

Email Distribution

A curated selection of ScotMemos that are relevant to broader portions of the UCR campus will be included in the Inside UCR Weekly newsletter, which is emailed to all university employees every Wednesday. Not all ScotMemos will be included in the newsletter.

Submitting an Event

If you are promoting a campus event, please submit the event information on the UCR Events Calendar, which is promoted prominently across UCR websites, newsletters, and publications.

Transition to ScotMemos

In order to ensure an orderly transition to ScotMemos, the Daily Digest will continue publishing until May 17.

For more information on ScotMemos and guidance on submissions visit the "Submit a ScotMemo" page.