UCR Parking Wait List Review

May 15, 2019
UCR Transportation and Parking Services
May 15, 2019

With the campus growth, on-going construction, and office moves, we are reviewing our wait lists.  In order to better serve our customers and get people closer to their work locations, we would like you to review your wait list selections for accuracy.  We will be making large moves in the upcoming months and your cooperation in updating your selection(s) is essential.   Please go to your parking account at and verify the wait lists you wish to remain on before 5/20/2019 so that we can get the majority of the moves completed before the end of this academic year.  

Please note, during this time, if you are offered a permit for another location/color, you must either exchange your permit or be removed from the waitlist.  We will not be allowing individuals to deny the request but still remain on the list.  We are trying to accommodate as many requests as we can and every parking spot is essential.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.