Facilities Services annual shutdown of steam begins Saturday

June 14, 2019
Facilities Services
June 14, 2019

Dear Campus Community,

Facilities Services will be conducting our annual inspection and maintenance of UCR’s steam utility distribution system at our Central Plant. The purpose of this shutdown is to ensure the continued reliable delivery of steam and hot water for sterilization and other laboratory processes in many campus buildings through this critical utility.

The shutdown will begin at midnight Saturday, June 15, 2019 lasting through Sunday, June 23, 2019. 

During this time, there will be a reduction in services:

•    Campus core buildings (see list below) will be without domestic hot water and steam.  
•    Commencement – Designated restrooms for ceremonies include:
    All Hub restroom facilities will have hot water and attendants;
    Rental executive restrooms will be available with warm water for all ceremonies at the northeast end of Pierce Lawn next to Webber Hall.  
    Watkins Hall (first floor) and University Lecture Hall will not have hot water after steam shutdown begins on Sunday, June 15. 
•    Housing Facilities will not be impacted.

Thank you for your patience as we continue our commitment to maintaining a safe and sustainable campus environment. If you have questions regarding this annual process, please call us at 
(951) 827-4214 or email us at facilities@ucr.edu.

Thank you,

Facilities Services

Affected Buildings
Anderson Hall                    
Athletics & Dance                
Batchelor Hall                    
Biological Sciences                
Bourns Hall                    
Boyce Hall                    
Boyce East Vivarium (trailer)            
Boyden Lab                    
Chapman Hall                    
Chemical Sciences                
CHASS Interdisciplinary                
Custodial & Grounds                 
Fawcett Lab                    
Fine Arts                    
Growth Chamber Facility                
Highlander Union Building (HUB)            
Hinderaker Hall                
Humanities & Social Sciences            
Insectary & Quarantine Facility            
Life Sciences & Lecture Hall 1500            
Materials Science & Engineering
Multidisciplinary Research Building (MRB)            
Olmsted Hall                    
Pierce Hall & Pierce Annex            
Rivera Library                    
School of Medicine Education            
School of Medicine Research            
Science Laboratory                
Science Library                
Soil Sterilization Station                
Spieth Hall                    
Sproul Hall                    
Student Academic Services (SASS)            
Watkins Hall                    
Webber Hall                    
Winston Chung Hall