UCR Campus Not Affected by Power Shutdown

October 10, 2019
Office of the Chancellor
October 10, 2019

Planned power shutdowns are affecting communities in Northern and Southern California this week, resulting in class cancelations at some university campuses.

UC Riverside Facilities staff have been in frequent contact with Riverside Public Utilities, which has confirmed that there are no anticipated power shutdowns at or near the UCR campus.

If for any reason we learn of planned power shutdowns that were to disrupt university operations we will notify the campus as soon as possible.

Faculty and staff who are personally affected by power outages at their homes and neighborhoods should contact their supervisors regarding time off or flexible working arrangements. We encourage managers to provide maximum flexibility when considering employee requests on this matter.

Students who are directly affected by the outages should contact their professors regarding absences and to make alternate arrangements to complete coursework.

Additional information about the Southern California Public Safety Power Shutoff program from is available at the following websites: