FAQs on encampment agreement

May 3, 2024
Office of the Chancellor
May 3, 2024

Why are the School of Business Global Programs in Oxford, USA, Cuba, Vietnam, Brazil, China, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel being discontinued as part of the agreement?

Through our dialogue, we learned that these study-abroad programs were not offered under the auspices of the UC Riverside Office of International Affairs, nor are they consistent with university policies. So they are being discontinued.  

Why is Sabra Hummus being singled out for review? 

Sabra's name was included in the agreement because it was mentioned in the protestors' list of demands. Sabra's availability on campus will be reviewed in the same manner as other vendors. All campus vendors are subjected to the same standards. 

What is the status of the encampment? 

The tents were removed on Friday, May 3.

Where can I find public information about UC’s investments?

The Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents (UC Investments) manages University of California investment funds and provides fiduciary oversight. Publicly available information includes the following:

Coming soon: a dedicated UCR website is being developed for publicly available information on UC’s investments. A link to that page will be provided here when available.