Proposed Policy Revision – Temporary Signage and Banners

February 4, 2020
Ian Harazduk
Compliance Analyst & Privacy Officer
Chief Compliance Office
February 4, 2020

The Temporary Signage and Banners Policy (currently known as “Posting Regulations”) originated in 1989 and was last reviewed in 2018, prior to these proposed revisions in February 2020. The revisions expand the purpose and scope of the policy to include the implementation of the Campus Sign Program as well as specify that the management of the policy is shared among the Campus Signage Advisory Group, select Unit-Based Managers, and Schools/Colleges. The proposed policy updates the procedures for the request, approval, and removal of temporary signage and banners. The proposed policy also provides definitions and incorporates the roles and responsibilities for different campus units as it relates to the policy. 

To review the proposed policy, please visit the UCR Policy web page . If you are interested in commenting on this policy prior to approval, please do so by March 5, 2020 via the following Policy Comment Form.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the Chief Compliance Office at or 2-8246.