Payroll parking deductions to resume July 1

June 10, 2020
UCR Transportation and Parking Services
June 10, 2020

Payroll Parking Charges

Due to the campus closure for COVID-19, we will be suspending all April, May and June payroll parking charges. Please note that parking permit payroll deductions are charged in arrears.  This means that for those who are paid monthly, the deduction on the 1st of the month is for the previous month’s parking.  For those paid bi-weekly, the parking deductions are for the previous month’s parking. Payroll deduction will resume July 1.

2020-2021 Permit Renewal

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, parking permit rates will remain at the current rates until the campus and department have a better understanding of current and future financial impacts and debt obligations. 

Starting June 15th, we will begin permit renewal for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Online renewal will be available for those who are currently on payroll deduction for parking and wish to continue parking in their assigned lot. More information on the online renewal process will be sent out in the upcoming weeks.

If you are currently working and parking on campus, or would like to continue your payroll deductions, no action is required.

If you are not parking on campus and/or no longer need your parking permit, please cut your parking permit in half and send the picture to along with your name and employee ID and request that your permit and payroll deductions be cancelled. If you cancel your permit, your current lot assignment will be held and a permit for that lot can be reissued until the beginning of winter quarter 2021.

 If you do not want to renew your permit at this time, daily, weekly and monthly parking passes will be available via the Parkmobile app for the following parking lots:  Lot 1, Lot 5, Lot 6 Blue, Lot 7, Lot 9, Lot 13 Blue, Lot 19, Lot 20, Lot 23, Lot 24, Lot 26, Lot 30, and Lot 50. Available spaces for daily sales may change based on lot utilization.  

Beginning 7/1/2020, parking enforcement operations will resume and parking permits will be required in all lots.

Thank you,

UCR Transportation Services