Relocating equipment to remote work sites

July 29, 2020
Gerry Bomotti
Vice Chancellor and CFO
July 29, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

As we adapt to a changing work environment, the health and welfare of the UCR community remains our primary concern. Given the current surge in COVID-19 infections it does seem reasonable to assume that remote work will continue for the foreseeable future. We know that many supervisors have authorized the relocation of UCR assets to individual’s homes, in order to support their remote work efforts. This communication is provided to help assure everyone is aware of the appropriate process steps to authorize, document and relocate UCR assets off campus to a remote work site. Every department should develop a plan to relocate, as necessary, non-inventorial office equipment (NIOE) to remote work sites. NIOE includes most small and medium-sized office equipment used by employees as they carry out their work duties. 

The following university-owned items are not permitted to be sent to homes:
•    Chemicals of any kind
•    Inventorial Equipment (i.e. items costing $5K including tax)

We ask that your department follow the guidelines noted below in implementing your plans.  
1.    Identify who is eligible to retrieve office equipment. Employees who are working 100% remotely should be given priority for removing the equipment they need. If an employee is assigned to work on campus, then a safe and functional workstation must remain at their campus work site and equipment should not be removed.
2.    Define what can be removed. NIOE includes items such as chairs, keyboards, computer mice, monitors, printers and small freestanding ergonomic equipment such as sit/stand desktop devices. Larger items and those affixed to office spaces/cubicles (for example, desks and tables) should not be removed for home usage.
3.    Establish procedure for removal and return. Departments are responsible for coordinating building access and may choose to have employees (with supervisory approval) pick up items for use at their remote work sites. Supervisors should review procedures with employees, including proper handling of materials and verifying their ability to safely remove equipment. The appropriate supervisor must approve the removal of any items from campus and fully document what was removed, when it was removed and keep this information within the unit for eventual return of all assets to the UCR campus by completing the Authorization to Use University Property form. All employees coming to campus must coordinate with their supervisor/department head, wear a face covering and complete the Campus Symptom Tracking Survey prior to coming to campus.  
4.    Document the removal process. Supervisors and employees should log items being removed on the Authorization to Use University Property form to ensure accurate record-keeping of all UCR property. Further, departments must communicate their expectations to employees before any property is removed, as employees will be held responsible for missing equipment. Any property that is removed from campus must be returned when the employee is directed to do so. Lost, stolen or damaged goods should immediately be reported to your department head.

Please refer questions about accessing the campus to and questions about the Authorization to Use University Property Form to