UCPath gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns update coming

July 3, 2024
Gerry Bomotti
Vice Chancellor and CFO
July 3, 2024

In mid-July, UCPath will be launching an updated online interface with a modern design, which will update current and include new fields to collect gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns. This update aligns with UC’s Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy.

What’s New?

•    Gender Identity: Updated terms for gender identity will replace older terms. Examples of the new options include selections like: "Woman," "Transgender Woman," "Man," or "Transgender Man."

•    Sexual Orientation: New categories such as "Asexual," along with distinct options for "Gay" and "Lesbian," will be available, providing a broader spectrum of identities.

•    Pronoun Selection: A new feature allows employees to select pronouns to be displayed next to their name, ensuring respectful communication within UCPath.

•    Limited visibility: Pronouns will appear alongside employee names in UCPath. This information will only be visible to managers, HR administrators and the UCPath Employee Services team in UCPath pages where Lived Name displays.

These updates are exclusive to employee profiles within UCPath and will not affect dependents or temporary workers/contractors. 

Changes for Employees and Managers:

•    Self-Identification Guided Wizard: After implementation, when employees log into UCPath online, they will be routed to the self-identification guided wizard until they have provided values for gender identity, sexual orientation and pronouns. Since pronouns are a new feature, all employees will need to complete this step before proceeding with other self-service tasks.

•    Employee Self-Service: The interface for gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns will have a new look and feel.

•    Pronoun Display: Pronouns will be displayed next to an employee’s name within UCPath when selected. If an employee selects "My name only," "Declined to state," or "My pronouns are not listed," the value next to their name will be blank.

•    Pronoun Display in Employee and Manager Self-Service: Pronouns will be displayed adjacent to the employee’s name on UCPath pages where Lived Name displays.

•    Updated Sexual Orientation Value: All previous values will remain. However, if an employee selected the "Gay or Lesbian" option, the employee must select a value as now there are two options "Gay" and "Lesbian."

Resources and Support:

For questions regarding the UCPath Gender, Identity, Pronoun implementation in UCPath, contact ucpathcsc@ucr.edu

For additional information, please reference the Frequently Asked Questions for Academic & Staff Employees- Self-Identification Surveys document attached to this communication.