UCR Strategic Planning Campus Update

November 23, 2020
Thomas Smith
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
November 23, 2020

Dear Campus Community,
I am writing to provide a brief update on our Strategic Planning efforts as our timeline for publishing our penultimate draft and hosting community forums has changed. 
Over the past several weeks, we have incorporated some initial feedback and details from the working groups’ final reports into our latest draft of UCR’s Strategic Plan. Earlier this week, we shared that draft with our Steering Committee and the five working groups and we will hear their feedback at our next Steering Committee meeting in December. 
After making any necessary revisions, we will then circulate the penultimate draft of UCR’s Strategic Plan for public and campus feedback in January. The next Strategic Planning Update will link to a copy of penultimate draft, the working group final reports, and information on how to register for community forums where you can provide input on the draft. Two campus community forums will take place in late January or early February. Campus and community members will also have the opportunity to provide written feedback to our strategicplan@ucr.edu email account. 
In the meantime, I’d like to express my gratitude to our Strategic Planning Working Groups (made up of over 100+ UCR campus and community members) for their extraordinary work providing input into the strategic plan and the writing of working group reports. I’d also like to thank everyone who attended the working group forums, participated in their surveys or interviews, or provided written feedback on their drafts. Again, those final reports will be shared with the penultimate draft in January, but folks who are interested may read the draft reports posted on our Strategic Planning Resources Page