Campus return updates for April 21

April 21, 2021
University Communications
April 21, 2021

Upcoming Briefings

Each of the Return to Campus working groups will deliver a briefing for the campus community, which will be available for viewing on the UC Riverside YouTube channel. The campus community will have the opportunity to pre-submit questions to each working group prior to the briefing.

The Instructional Continuity Working Group will deliver the first briefing on Friday, April 30 at 8:30 a.m. Submit questions for the working group to Julia McLean at

The Research Ramp-up Working Group will deliver a briefing on May 5 at 10 a.m. Submit questions for the working group to Elizabeth Claassen-Thrush at

Details for the next briefings will be published later this month.

COVID Management

The testing subcommittee discussed recent results of student COVID-19 testing at the on-campus lab. In the last two weeks, the lab conducted 1,921 tests with no positive cases. Data from the on-campus testing lab is available on the UCR COVID-19 dashboard. 
Once a larger percentage of the population is vaccinated and California moves beyond its tier system, the university expects to receive updated guidance about who should be tested. 
The vaccines subcommittee continued to discuss the technical options for tracking and reporting vaccination status. Committee members are also in contact with the UC Office of the President and other UC campuses to seek alignment. 

Instructional Continuity

Next meeting is April 28. Campus is on target for its goal of 75-80% in-person classes this fall. ITS and XCITE are proceeding with the hiring of 50 additional teaching assistants who will be dedicated to assisting with dual-mode instruction. They will be called "Instructional Continuity Consultants." Dual-mode instruction hardware is available and should be shipped to UCR by May 10. The Keep Teaching website will be upgraded in May. FAQs have been revised and are available here

Operational Continuity

At its April 15th meeting, the Operational Continuity Workgroup reviewed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s revised cleaning standards and discussed updating Facilities Services cleaning protocols for the fall accordingly.

The working group is also continuing to work on a campus gathering policy and is circulating the draft to other working groups for feedback before releasing it to the campus.

Student Services

The Student Services working group will meet again on Tuesday, April 27. The group will share their feedback regarding the Highlander Pledge and how to update it accordingly for fall 2021. The conversation around student ambassadors will continue as the group reviews the formal proposal led by the Well. More details to come. In addition, the committee will discuss the appropriate stages for student services to reopen. This includes the HUB, Registrar, Financial Aid, etc.