UCR guidelines for events/gatherings

May 27, 2021
Sheila Hedayati
Executive Director
Environmental Health and Safety
May 27, 2021

The UC Riverside Operational Continuity Working Group has issued campus events and gatherings guidelines, including a gatherings checklist and approval process.

The campus continues to recommend that events be held remotely and virtually when possible in keeping with the State Guidance for Higher Education.

Event planners seeking to hold an in-person event must prepare a COVID-19 safety plan using the gatherings checklist to be submitted to the appropriate unit head in advance. The campus reserves the right to cancel events at any time.

Event planners must:

•    include a justification for the in-person event.

•    provide details of the event location and expected number of attendees.

•    follow all public health guidelines and enforce rules requiring face coverings and social distancing.

•    Design the event with basic hygiene practices such as easy access to bathrooms or hand sanitizer stations. If food and/or drinks are provided, they must be individually wrapped or in bottles and not served in a way where multiple hands will touch the food or utensils.

•    maintain an attendance list that includes names and contact information.

Any additional costs associated with COVID-19 safety guidelines are the responsibility of the event planner.

Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis using criteria including the necessity of the event, the location, the likelihood of extended close personal contact, and crowd density.

Priority consideration will be given to departments with staff members already working on campus that need to gather for critical business purposes and/or training. Use of larger venues is encouraged to allow for proper distancing between tables and chairs.

Event organizers should refer to the UCR Planning Framework for gathering parameters and occupancy limits.

Attendees must be notified of all rules in advance. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should not attend the event or leave if feeling unwell while at the event. If attendees test positive after attending an event, they must notify the COVID-19 Wellness Hotline at (844) 827-6827. 

The full policy and checklist can be found on the Campus Return website

Procedures for reserving space on campus are the same as prior to the pandemic.